Out Now! Digital release only. Itunes, Spotify, Apple Music and most digital download outlets. CD's have gone. Vinyl release, although this is nearly sold out at Juno, we do have a few copies left at WT merchandising, email us if you cannot buy from the link below.

Viny order > Here!<


Mixes by Leo Mas, Justin Strauss, Lisbon Kid, Trevor Fung, Steve Proctor, Spatial Awarness and Denis The Night.

We have a video made by Lisbon Kid for their remix that is hard as nails. >Here<

Out of the blue the venue Fleche D'Or in Paris has released two films of our 2006 'restart' residency thst we played there. The line up were Benny Staples, Frank De Freitas, Simon Mawby and Rolo McGInty with keyboards and extra acoustic guitar from Zero Ping. We are planning dates for 2019, so until then we will leave you with these two Fleche D'Or performances, both of which have some prime Woodentops moments.

Night !

Night 2