Move me

Move me/ Do it Anyway/ Steady Steady...Rough Trade records.1984

Produced by Andy Partridge of XTC. Move me was the dance groove song. It worked fast or slow and never failed to get a room going. This beat was named "hypnobeat'. The band would play that beat relentlessly.

'Do it Anyway' was Rolo`s first ever song. 'Steady Steady' is extraordinary. Originally called moonlight, the band simply recorded the same 3 chords and worked on dynamics. With Andy conducting, the band grew louder, softer, art piece! However the vocal was left to the last day in the studio. This recording session was taking place at the same time as the slow drawn out death of a friend in hospital. Rolo had to come straight from witnessing that death to the studio. Distraught he went to the mic and thinking he was soundchecking, recorded in 1 take whatever came out of his mouth. Andy Partridge, hair standing on end, immediately hid the tape to prevent Rolo destroying it. Rolo goes to the control room to find Andy speechless, packing the tapes up. Rolo goes crazy drinks a bottle of whiskey and anything else he can find and takes his anger out on the premises. Andy awakes in the night to find Rolo sat at the bottom of his bed naked and traumatised. Grief and deadlines produce dramatic results in the recording studio.

Panni`s cover is made of clay and photographed. Frank de Freitas(whose brother Pete played drums for Echo and the Bunnymen untill his unfortunate death and was a friend of Rolo`s) became the bass player. So cementing the definative line up.