Granular Tales


The Woodentops 2014 present a new set of studio recordings. A few new styles and lyrics written during the 90's and 2000's. The album was recorded in two sessions immediately after a weeks residential practice session and the final mixes were complteted in istanbul Turkey by Mike Nielsen and Rolo. In some ways there are some similarities to some of the earlier recordings from the early days ie all the group in headphones recording live together with no outside producer. Cherry Red Records have released this album and it has received some outstanding reviews, possibly more than any other release in the past. As ever the artwork is handmade and photographed by Panni who has been our stage and cover artist since we began. We attempted to capture the flavour of a demo or radio session, the spontaniety of quick live recording and a timeless sound. We used a range of antique microphones / mixing desks and finished the project using up to date digital technology to blend old and new.